TSO – Blades and Punchers

TSO is a new concept of quality in a cutting blade, for faster and more aggressive cutting

TSO – Blades for the TESEO machine

Manufactured in the United States of America, under new manufacturing technologies, the TSO has been designed as a new product, to be an asset, providing perfect cutting and durability that goes beyond the limits. Marketed in Portugal since February 2010, it has already surpassed the 5000 units sold in Portugal, Asia and Brazil. After various tests performed, the results are immediate, reaching sales volumes that exceed all expectations.

We are proud to offer our customers something rewarding in every sense of the word: Quality, Efficiency, Durability and Satisfaction.

We are always available for any additional information.

TSO – Punchers

Manufactured with the highest quality steel, TSO Punchers are a great asset in economic terms, wear of the cutting head, cutting perfection and durability.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, they were designed in detail for full effectiveness and satisfaction of use. Our customers are the best proof of that. With sales exceeding all expectations, our market has extended to several African, Asian and European countries.

Main Features

  • Smoothness of Cutting.

  • Superior durability.

  • Less cutting impact.

  • Perfect cut without burrs.

  • Satisfaction with guarantee.