Insole with RIB of excellence, original and pioneer product in the world market “Sampson”.

Main Features

  • Strong grip in gluing.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Packaged in a special package to keep the Qualities Intact when in stock for a long period of time.
    Supplied in boxes with 915 meters.

  • Highly FLEXIBLE during application, regardless of the brand and model of the machine.
  • Highly tear-resistant INSOLES.
  • Knurled on the outer side to avoid tension during gluing.
  • Different application options.
  • References of your choice, for any specific function, simply contact us and we will provide you all the appropriate suggestions.

Used in the Goodyear footwear

Used in the manufacturing of GOODYEAR footwear of the highest quality. It is also a reference in the manufacturing of Safety Shoes/Boots, and also in Armed Forces, Army and Air Force Footwear of the five largest Armies in the World.




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