SFT/21T Softener

Quality of excellence in all manufacturing sectors.

Leather Softener SFT 21 T

We launched the SFT 21T on the market in November 2009. The success of this product exceeded all our expectations. In all the tests performed, the opinion is unanimous that the SFT 21T is the solution to all the problems relating to the manufacturing of Footwear, upholstery and others.

Without any type of restrictions in its application, the SFT 21T is a colourless liquid, intended to Soften: Natural Leather, Synthetic Leather, Micro-fibres, Fabrics, etc. The SFT21T is an Eco-friendly product, harmless to the environment and for those handling it, and features the following advantages:

  • Applicable to any leather type and colour

  • Does not stain

  • Odourless

  • Easy application

  • Protects from the material germsiais

  • Does not reduce the thickness of the leather

The SFT21T is a benchmark of success in its multiple applications. Used by major Car brands in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, now it is also a success in the Footwear Industry.


Application by SPRAY or soft SPONGE, in a simple uniform coat. Wait just a few seconds (5) and start the operation. After leaving the material to dry, it reacquires its initial consistency.

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