Thermoplastic Cement in Thread and Grains

Quality and performance of excellence.

Main Features

  • Low Maintenance

  • Strong Adhesion

  • Lightness

  • Flexibility

  • Moisture Resistant

  • Low temperature

  • Less Cement for better gluing

  • Quality and performance of excellence.

  • P.S. Crown Moulding Thermoplastics with Excellence

Currently, INTERNATIONAL markets more than 40 tons of cement per year, 45% in the national market and the remaining in Asian countries, particularly Thailand and Indonesia, and European countries, such as Austria, Czech Republic and most recently the Netherlands and Denmark.

Making the entire cement operation easier, our cement do not damage the tubes. They do not carbonise the glue injectors, do not cause wear in the Grinders/Cards, and do not produce dust. Less Cement for better attachment. Melts at Low Temperature / Melting Point 200 °/230 °. Liquefies easily creating a good cement area.

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